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Hey everyone this is mike. I am 13 and live in VA. i like baseball and rpg's. I have spent a lot of time on this site and i would be happy if you signed my guestbook and told some of your friends about this site. Have fun
7/19/00: Cashfiesta is a great program! it pays you to surf the net and read emails! Sign up now!
5/27/00: i joind this program hat pays you 5 cents for every email you read from them. its totally free, sign up here or you can check out the banner below.
4/14/00: hey guys, sorry that i havent updated this in a long time. I just recieved an award from someone, you can check it out in the awards section. I also put up a chat room. To get into it you have to use your tripod username and password, if you dont belong to tripod then sign up at Thanks to all of u for visting my site some back real soon to see what changes i have made!
2/9/00: I made the tripod add appear at the top of this page instead of poping up every time you came here becuase if you tried to book mak this site you would actually be bookmarking the addvertisment and not the site.
2/9/00: AdClix accepted my website and I can now put up some banners from them. If you have some time please click on them.
2/4/00: I took away the advertisment banner cause it wasnt working correctly...
2/3/00: since the family friendly web ring was starting to work really well i decided to join another ring. check it out below.
1/28/00: I was given two awards that you can check out in the awards section.
1/27/00: I joind Click Agents, a banner advertisment company. Please click on my banner if you have some time.
1/25/00: I joind a web ring, you can check it out below. It better get some more traffic to this site!
1/14/00: I joind Master Clicks top 50 web sites, please vote for me. I also took that scrolling thing in the true cause it was annoying.
1/14/00: I downloaded some new image makeing programs, so you will see some awsome images put on the page soon, If you look closely, you can see that the background doesnt move anymore, just the letters. pretty kool huh? lol.
1/9/00: Become an affiliate! I'll link to your site and you link to my site, both or hits go up. :-)
1/8/00: Added a guestbook, if you are lucky enough to come to my site please sign it.

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